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Get ready for the most electrifying night in the heart of Warsaw, provided by the Hustler nightclub — a place where every evening becomes an unforgettable event.

The Hustler club is a Warsaw nightlife legend, setting new standards in the entertainment industry. Safety, fun and freedom are the values we celebrate every night.

Get ready for the most electrifying night in the heart of Warsaw, provided by the Hustler nightclub — a place where every evening becomes an unforgettable event.

The Hustler club is a Warsaw nightlife legend, setting new standards in the entertainment industry. Safety, fun and freedom are the values we celebrate every night.



Warsaw at night — discover the Hustler club, Nowy Świat 3 ❗

Feel the amazing atmosphere in one of the most unique clubs in the heart of Warsaw. Hustler, our prestigious nightclub, will take you to a world of luxury and the best entertainment, inspired by iconic American nightclubs. This unique venue was created for everyone who appreciates elegance, unforgettable experiences and entertainment in a comfortable environment.

A unique nightclub in Warsaw — Hustler

If you are looking for a nightclub in Warsaw, straight out of an American film, choose Hustler. It’s a one-of-a-kind nightclub, created for demanding guests and lovers of fun in an exclusive style. Our venue is the benchmark for night entertainment in the center of Warsaw — perfect for a party with friends, a phenomenal stag night, and an unforgettable time with our dancers.

At Hustler Club, every night is a promise of endless fun and sophistication. Discover your new favourite place on the map of Warsaw and everything you need for a comfortable stay and a good time. We offer private boxes, a selection of the finest alcohol, mesmerizing dancing performed by beautiful dancers, themed events, seasonal events, and for connoisseurs — access to the finest cigars. We invite you to visit our venue to savor the unique atmosphere and style.

Discover Warsaw’s nightlife at the Hustler club

What should a place where exclusivity meets night entertainment look like? Hustler Club in Warsaw – Nowy Świat 3 defines a new standard of elegance, service and luxury among nightclubs. We invite you seven days a week — from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. from Sunday to Thursday, and on Fridays and Saturdays we party until 5 in the morning. Our guests can spend time drinking the best alcohol from around the world and enjoy professionally performed private dances. We add a touch of frenzy and a large dose of sensuality — visit our club and marvel at the professional dance performances in our sophisticated setting.

The Hustler club’s special offers and packages

The Hustler nightclub in Warsaw not only offers an exciting night but also flexible packages so that you can have fun in the way that suits you best. There’s the standard Silver package for PLN 100 with two drinks 🍹 and Gold for PLN 200 with a drink and a private dance. If you want to party longer, choose the Platinum package for PLN 450 with the dance and an open bar. For guests expecting exclusive service, we have the Ruby package for PLN 790 with access to the VIP bar and a pole dance show, and the Diamond for PLN 1,400, which offers an all-night open bar, a bottle of champagne 🍾 and the company of a dancer in a private box.

We regularly organize special offers and themed events and provide free taxi transport throughout Warsaw. Visit us and see what fun at the highest level looks like.

Warsaw by night: two locations, two unforgettable nightclubs — the Hustler and the New Orleans Gentlemen’s Club

Warsaw offers a wide range of nightlife attractions, but among them two, nightclubs stand out in particular: Hustler and New Orleans Gentlemen’s Club. Both venues provide top-class entertainment, but each has its own unique character and atmosphere.

Elegance and style – New Orleans Gentlemen’s Club

If you want to experience unparalleled elegance and an atmosphere full of sophistication, visit the New Orleans Gentlemen’s Club at Zgoda 11 in Warsaw. Here, the atmosphere of the good old days of New Orleans mixes with luxury and high-class service. It’s a space where nightlife takes on an iconic tone and good taste.

Sensuality and passion – Hustler Club

A world full of sensuality, passion and dance awaits you at the Hustler nightclub at Nowy Świat 3 in Warsaw. It’s a place where you will experience fun in a unique style, in the company of the best dancers from Poland and beyond. With us, you will travel to a world inspired by the atmosphere of American clubs and the famous “Hustler” magazine. We focus on a bold approach and irreplaceable sensations, which are combined with a unique, sophisticated style and the highest standard. Here you can party with complete freedom, testing alcohol from around the world and high-quality cigars, and meeting people who, like you, appreciate nightlife entertainment at its best.

Discover the exciting world of nightlife at the Hustler club in the heart of Warsaw

Are you looking for a place that will give you an unforgettable nightlife experience? The Hustler nightclub, located at Nowy Świat 3 in Warsaw, is waiting for you! We invite you every day from 9 p.m. Due to the exclusive nature of our club, we serve a limited number of guests — we encourage you to book online. While filling in the form, you can take a look at the available packages, select your transport option and provide any additional comments to ensure an evening in luxurious conditions. Taking our business guests into account, we keep subtlety and professionalism in mind, issuing discreet VAT invoices. We have our own ATM, so you can access cash at any time.

Nightclub Hustler – open bar and free taxi in Warsaw

Via our website, you can easily choose your preferred package, transport options and additional services. We offer a private and completely free taxi 🚖 in Warsaw, just fill out the form or call us to arrange your transport. 

The club also offers two open bar options — a standard package and a VIP package, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of alcohol and drinks all night long.

We invite you to the Hustler nightclub in Warsaw, where our dancers and bartenders will make sure that every moment is full of style and great fun. Join us and experience the magic of Warsaw nights at their best.

The best nightclub in Warsaw

🚕 Free taxi for our guests 🚕

Free taxi for our guests throughout Warsaw. Transport for you or for a whole group of friends.
Just give us a call or fill out the form, and you won’t have to worry about transport to Hustler anymore!